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Núria Gavaldà – English Pronunciation Coach

English Pronunciation Course

Would you like to communicate better in English? Thanks to my OnLine English pronunciation course you will acquire adequate oral patterns in the English language, leave old habits behind, and be able to express yourself comfortably and fluently.

Why this is your OnLine English Pronunciation Course

Better communication

You will leave behind the oral habits that make it difficult to express yourself fluently and comfortably, and you will acquire intelligible speech patterns.

Greater confidence

You will be able to express yourself in a more comfortable, safe and natural way in your daily situations in English on a personal and work level.

Reach your objectives

You will be able to understand and be better understood in professional interactions in English, which will allow you to achieve your professional goals.

At your pace

The course adapts to you: you will work on the contents according to your own availability, and you will be able to repeat them as many times as you need.

OnLine English from home and at your own pace

Videos and exercises

More than 100 videos and dozens of practical exercises to train your ear and practice with words that are very frequently mispronounced.

Holistic method

Learn all the key aspects to improve your pronunciation in English: vowels, consonants, stress, rhythm, and intonation.


Compare the sounds of Spanish and Catalan with those of English and learn tips to acquire and produce the English sounds correctly.


At the beginning and at the end of the course I will carry out an assessment of your speech in English in order to monitor your progress.

Students’ opinions

English Pronunciation Course Modules

Pronunciation of vowels

You will learn to pronounce all the vowels from Standard Southern British English, with particular emphasis on difficulties for Spanish speakers.

Pronunciation of Consonants

You will develop the appropriate techniques to pronounce all the consonants, overcoming the most common difficulties.

Word stress

You will acquire the stress patterns that distinguish English from Spanish and Catalan.

Sentence stress and rhythm

You will express yourself with more fluency and will improve your listening comprehension in English.


You will learn the intonation patterns that distinguish English from Spanish and Catalan and improve your communication skills.

Payment options for the English Pronunciation Course

You can purchase the Online English Pronunciation Course at three different payment plans, depending on whether you want to add an initial and final assessment and personalized coaching sessions. The course content is the same in all three plans, and what changes are the coaching sessions you purchase.

*The standard price of an occasional coaching session is €135/h, but if you purchase the course at any of the three payment plans, you can benefit from a 15% discount on all the extra sessions, so the price is €115/h.

Would you like to try the course first?

Sign up for the free sample unit to get an idea of ​​the course content. No strings attached!

Are you also interested in transcription?

There is a version of the course that also includes phonetic transcription. Check it out!

If you’d like more information, contact me!